Friday, November 17, 2017

Navigator News Network Episode 2 - Spotlight Teacher - Ms. Jones

This week's Navigator News Network (NNN), episode includes a review of Beautiful and Brave, 2 new books in our library by Stacy McAnulty. Also included is an interview with Ms. Kirtisha Jones, 4th grade teacher being honored by our News Crew as our first Staff Spotlight recipient. Let us know your opinions, suggestions, and praise. We are working hard here at Northside Elementary to share student voices and give them choices in their learning.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017-2018 Boys 2 Men Community

At Northside Elementary School our students have been learning about the importance of a “community.” To bring light to “community” and improving “unity” amongst our future male student leaders and male staff the group “Boys 2 Men”was created. Not only was this group created to teach “community” and “unity” but also how to dress for success.
An important part of Boys 2 Men requires the young men to partake in “Dress Up Wednesday’s,” where they come to school dressed in a white button up shirt, bow tie and khaki/navy pants. This attire requirement will supports the vision to create “community” and “unity” within the group and hopefully spread amongst the Northside community. Under the leadership of Mr. Pedro Wilks & Mr. Barry Garrett two resource teachers here at Northside.
Boys 2 Men has “5 Star Key Points” of success that we are teaching our young men:

      The Importance of Education

Friday, November 3, 2017

Northside Navigator Network Debuts!

With the inspiration of Barry Garrett, EC Teachers' Assistant, the premiere episode of Navigator News has launched!  Each week our three 5th grade Anchors, Kendall Headen Ross, Eliot Ludwig Mauldin and Mira Kumar will present topics to share our students' voice. 

Segments like Playground Sports, and Current Events will be covered along with  Staff Spotlight, New in the Library and others to be offered by our "In The Field" reporters - other 5th graders interested in sharing their voices on the exciting new medium.

Each week, the news crew prepares and records segments which are then spliced together using iMovie for Friday release. Classrooms have access to a file location that gives them flexibility in when to show the program.

Click on the video above to take a look at our very first show!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

3rd Annual Literary Pumpkin Path is a Bumper Crop This Year!

From our amazing librarian, Mrs. Cole, "Our 3rd annual literary pumpkin patch is up and on display along the tops the shelves in our library.  We had 39 this year - wow!" 

Take a look! Just click on the video link below for a short holiday themed view of our entries.

Pumpkins in our patch represent a favorite book character appropriate for elementary students.  Along with the pumpkin, a list of the title and author of the book and the book itself or a picture of the book cover to display with pumpkin/gourds can be found this week throughout our library.

Voting takes place across the school after students have the opportunity to view the pumpkins and stroll through the patch. Pumpkins are judged according to the following categories:

  • Pre-K thru 2nd Grade “Family” Pumpkins
  • 3rd Grade thru 5th Grade Student Pumpkins
  • Faculty & Staff Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Message from our Northside School Improvement Team (SIT)

Hello Navigator Families,

The Northside School Improvement Team (SIT) will be hosting a focus meeting on Friday, October 27th during the school dance (6:00-7:30). This is an opportunity for parents and community members to share feedback to be used in the development of the district’s new strategic plan.

Please RSVP your participation in the Northside meeting by emailing co-chair Tequila Powell (  or Allison Crawford ( so that we’re able to select a location that will accommodate the group. Feel free to ask questions.

The district will also be hosting a series of community focus groups for those who live in our area but are not associated with a school, or for any parents who could not make it to their school's focus group. Those dates will be on the district calendar.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NORTHSIDE Library Update from Ms. Cole

We are excited about our theme for this year, "Lift Every Voice" and in the spirit of this belief, we created a digital video response that introduces each of our staff members to our Northside families.  We have lifted our own voices so you can get to know who we are.  You can view this on the front page of our school website or by clicking this link

We are thrilled to once again partner with Flyleaf Books to bring in another great author, Alan Gratz next Thursday to meet our 5th graders.  He will discuss his recent highly-acclaimed book, REFUGEE and share about his life as writer.  This will take place next Thursday at 9:00 in the Northside Library.  Books can be purchased from Flyleaf and delivered onsite for him to sign the day of the event.  For more information contact Flyleaf Books at (919) 942-7373
Don't forget our library has lots to share! You can connect via social media at or find us on Twitter @Neslibrary....and while you're there be sure to follow our school's social media accounts as well. These can be found on our school webpage.
Finally, the library is seeking volunteers who would like to commit to a 2-3 hour block of time each week to help oversee library circulation and shelving of materials.  If you are interested, please contact our librarian Kathryn Cole at . This will be a wonderful way you can support our school community. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Starting the Year off Well! from our Social Worker, Ms. Norwood

Hello Navigator Nation!

Four ways to help your child make this school year great
1. Be positive about challenges.
     The children who do the best in school are those who approach a new task with a positive attitude.  Look for ways to model that behavior at home: "I don't know how to use this computer program. Shall we figure it out together?"
2. Break down big assignments.
     Reading an entire chapter book may seem overwhelming. But reading one chapter is something your chid can do. Teach your child to break down tasks into smaller, achievable steps.
3. Pay attention to instructions. 
    A classroom runs more smoothly when students do what the teacher says. Spend time at home learning to follow directions. Do activities together and talk about what happens if you don't follow the instructions exactly.
4. Solve problems on their own.
If your child can't figure out the answer to a math problem, help him think about a way to find the answer. Ask "Have you worked other problems like this?  

What can you do if the school year doesn't start off well?
Sometimes new classes don't meet students' expectations. Kids might complain "I don't like my teacher" or School is too hard". The best approach is to be calm, caring and cooperative. Think of yourself as:
  • An investigator. Ask questions and read between the lines. If your child says the teacher is "mean" probe for details. There's a big difference between, "She makes me do all my work" and "She yells at me."
  • A mediator. If the problem seems significant, take notes and say something like, "I'm sorry you're going through this. I'll talk with the teacher about it." Stay neutral. Remember there are always two sides to a story.
  • A partner. Approach the teacher in a positive and non-critical manner.  Work together to understand your child's complaints.
  • A parent. Occasionally, despite multiple tries with a teacher a problem can not be solved. In that case, school administration can help. 
Remember, you and the school share the same goal: your child's academic success. By working together, you can make this school year a great one! Have a great weekend and see everyone Mondaymorning.