Friday, March 28, 2014

Exciting After School Opportunities for Northside Students

Northside Elementary School has lots of after school activities. Every Monday and Wednesday is iNavigate, they dance multiple types of dance and Tuesday there is Navigators on the Move, they do lots of things like rapping and drumming. UNC science days is on Monday, college students come and help you with experiments that are really fun. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s there is Girls on the Run, they do exercise and learn to positive and that is very fun!

Check out the article written by Irene and Aida in the March edition of the Northside Newspaper, The Compass

      iNavigate Dance Troupe                                                                         Science Mondays

Girls on the Run  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Award-winning Author Visits Northside

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Picture taken By Abigail

Carole Boston Weatherford is an African- American author who writes about the key moments in Black History.  She came to Northside on Monday, February 23rd  to explain how she gets her information about these amazingly rich bits of history. The reason she came was because she was the first person to write a book about Rosenwald anything. Northside was originally a Rosenwald school.  This author will be continuing to write about these amazing black historians.  

Read the article by Margaret and Bridgette in the March edition of the Northside student newspaper, The Compass

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Students go on Tours of the Green Features of Northside

Our amazing school, Northside Elementary, is loaded with green features. We have solatube skylights, high performance windows, reflective roofing, sun screens, solar hot water and much more! A lot of classes were taken on a tour of the school to see these green features and learn what they do for our school. The tours were led by Steve Nally, who works with the architect that designed the school. These classes were shown all of the green features and had them explained by Steve Nally.

Read the full article by Pele in the March edition of the Northside newspaper, The Compass.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Black History Assembly


Northside Elementary school celebrated black history month during February. Black History month was concluded with a school wide performance on Friday, February 28th. The first act was the Navigators on the Move, students carrying out their drumming beats. The second act, which was one of the most admired parts was when the kindergarteners sang “The Song of Peace” it was delightful. A few students from a fifth grade class read the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. The reading was meaningful and enjoyable. After the fourth performance was a third grade class reading about the “Black Sit-ins”.Then a second grade class told the audience about famous African American people. It was interesting because there many famous people that students were able to learn about. Soon after, the audience watched a video that a first grade class made about the African American people who changed our lives.  Before long, iNavigate performed by dancing to the song “I’ll be there”. The last performance was the second group of Navigators on the Move and they were stomping and clapping. Everybody in the assembly sang the Northside theme song which was fun. The performance was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of Black History month, it was enjoyed by all.

Read the entire article by Irene and Aida in the March edition of the Northside Newspaper, The Compass.