Monday, June 2, 2014

Navigators on the Move Produces School Rap

Navigators on the Move is a group or third, fourth, and fifth grade students that meets regularly after school and works on many different projects together involving music and rhythm. The group is led by teacher assistant, Mr. McIlwaine.

One of this group's most recent projects was producing a school rap video that included members of the group and Northside staff. Check it out below!

Northside Rap
By Jeremy McIlwaine

We’re thinking, learning, growing with persistence and pride.
Northside, Northside!
We’re representing at Northside, Northside.
Thinking and growing with purpose at all times.
We’re representing to Northside, Northside.

Verse 1
I’m a Northside Navigator
Flying high in the sky.
Thinking, learning, growing with persistence and pride.
New school, new hall.
Walk in the rooms, lights come on.
Teachers using microphones,
It’s learning time. We’re in the zone.
When I walk in Northside, yes, yes, I know it’s on.

Verse 2
Shhhhhhhhh… level zero in the hallways.
Lunch time, yum yum.
Recess time, it’s all fun.
PE, music, and art, yes this school is all good.
Teachers teach to do our best.
They give the skills, we do the rest.
Every Friday I smile as I pass my test.

Verse 3
We’re buidling future off our past.
Navigators on a mission.
When we’re sitting in the class,
We show respect and we listen.
Stop, walk, and talk...
There’s no bully at our school.
i-Pad, Mimio, bamboo gym floors.

Verse 4
Wait, hold up. It’s getting hot up in the kitchen.
This school be recycling.
We have a rooftop garden.
We have turn on the playground.

Verse 5
Learning Center in the back.
Six thousand books on the racks.
Principal’s got our back.
EOG, we’ll be passing that.
It is the first year. Give us some time.
We’re still learning…
But when you look in to the rear view mirror you see us coming.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Northside Teacher of the Year Interview with Mrs. Fearrington

Before our very own Mrs. Fearrington was named Teacher of the Year for the district, a Northside student had the opportunity to interview her! Here is what she had to say:

Q: what is your favorite part of teaching?
A: I really enjoy watching Kindergarten students grow.  They begin the year with limited knowledge and they end the year with a wealth of knowledge.

Q: when did you start teaching?
A: I started teaching in 1994.

Q: have you taught any other class than kindergarten?
A: Yes, I have been a classroom teacher for grades Kindergarten, first, second, and third grades.

Q: do you enjoy working with kids?
A: I love working with kids.  They have taught me a great deal during the many years of my career.

Q: what are your funniest moments in teaching?
A: I enjoy watching students during our writing period.  I read so many "funny" words that are not spelled correctly.  I'm always pleasantly surprised when they read what their writing "should " say.

Q: any comments on kindergarten and your classes?
A: After teaching for so many years, I still "LOVE WORKING WITH KIDS!"

The interview was conducted by Martin for the May edition of The Compass, Northside's student Newspaper.

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Study E.O.G.s

This year, Northside Elementary School is having their first official End-Of-Grade tests, or E.O.G.s. The test is for 3rd 4th  and 5th graders who have been working exceptionally hard througout the year. The examination is conducted over a 3 day period - Tuesday June 3rd through Thursday June 5th. The subjects consist of math and reading and for 5th grade Science. Students will be allowed at least 3 hours for each test. When interviewed about the science EOG, Irene a fifth grader said “I feel scared because we might have to take the Science EOG on the ipads. It’s true the new curriculum will require each student to take the Science EOG on the ipads. While this will make it easier  for the kids to take the test because they no longer have to bubble their answers on a piece of paper, technical difficulties may be inevitable. We can only hope for the best on this one. This test will one of the first of many at NES and we as 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will set the example for future students.  During the test we will see if the hard work has paid off. Hope you remembered to !
This article was written by Greta and is published in the May edition of the Northside student newspaper The Compass.
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Illustration by Emily