Monday, February 23, 2015

Complimentary Clothing for NES 4th Graders

Northside school counselor, Mrs. Fox, and art teacher, Ms. Keene, recently combined forces on an art project with Northside fourth graders called "Complimentary Clothing".  Students learned about fashion and what influences style and then used cutting and knotting techniques to alter a t-shirt to fit their own personal style.  Students then learned about what makes a good compliment and how the words that we say impact those around us.  Each student had the opportunity to write honest and thoughtful compliments on their classmate's shirts.  During the final class, students decorated their own shirt to emphasize the wonderful compliments they were given.  On Friday, February 13th, 4th graders celebrated their compliments and personal style by showing off their shirts for the whole school!

-Submitted by Virginia Fox