Monday, May 12, 2014

All Pro Dads

On the first Thursday of every month delicious smells and laughter drift out of the cafeteria. What is going on in there? All Pro Dads! What is All Pro Dads? All Pro Dads is when kids and their dads gather in the cafeteria to learn about the memories of other dad's childhoods. The kids there also eat breakfast with their dads. Coach is in charge of the fun. After all of that we have a raffle with prizes like T-shirts and water bottles. Even though your dad may not always be around you can still join the fun, moms can come too! So by the next time this awesome Thursday rolls around be sure to go enjoy breakfast, an awesome speaker, and a raffle!  

Check out this article written by Coco in the April edition of The Compass (Northside's student newspaper)


Illustration by Emily