Thursday, March 19, 2015

Northside Holds First Spelling Bee

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Northside Elementary School held its first Spelling Bee. After 14 rounds of competition, 5th grader, Thora J. became the champion by spelling institute, a word that was not included on the speller's study list.

Spelling Bee Champion, Thora J.(R), pictured with NES Principal Cheryl Carnahan (L).

The all 3-5 classrooms held a classroom Spelling Bee to select a winner to represent their class in the school-wide bee. The following students were selected to represent their classroom and participated in the school-wide bee:

  • Ms. Valente- Rowan H.
  • Ms. Symons- Umu C.
  • Ms. Singh- Rakesh R.
  • Ms. Sullivan- Sarah Z.
  • Ms. Jones- William L.
  • Ms. Quick- Tyler S.
  • Mr. Heuser- Jonah N.
  • Ms. Miller- Drake J.
  • Ms. Hudson- Annalise S.
  • Mr. Mason- Peter C.
  • Mr. Womack- Amauri B.
  • Ms. Moore- Thora J.
  • Ms. Williams- Justin Z.

All students that participated in the school-wide bee received a certificate and ribbon and were commended for being the top spelling in their classroom.