Monday, October 26, 2015

Digital Citizenship Week Celebrated at Northside

During the week of October 18-24, Northside students and staff celebrated Digital Citizenship Week. This celebration was part of an on-going emphasis and discussion in NES classrooms around what it means to be a safe, respectful, and responsible digital citizen.

Each day of the celebration included a focus on different topics including: using your Netsmartz, telling a trusted adult, respecting the property of others, practicing good netiquette, and protecting personal information. Students watched an animated video from the NetSmartz Workshop that was connected with the focus for the day.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in an essay contest by answering the questions, "What does it mean to be a safe, respectful, and responsible digital citizen?" Winners will be announced soon.

Throughout the school year, teachers will be using the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum to address topics to help students survive and thrive in the digital world.

Continue the digital citizenship discussion at home by using the "It's Time to Have the Talk" Tip Sheet to visit the Parent Section of the Common Sense Media website. As students were reminded last week, "Being a good digital citizen should be something we do every hour of every day!"