Friday, April 15, 2016

A Celebration of International Diversity

The entire Northside family and community came together on Thursday, April 14, 2016 to celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity represented at Northside. Students, parents, families, and staff ate, danced, sang, and traveled around the world in a joyful and loving celebration of our cultures. Pre-K through 5th grade, as well as Northside families created displays and cultural performances from various countries. Some of the countries represented were: USA, India, Panama, Kenya, Japan, Ethiopia, Australia, Cuba, Hungary, Guatemala, Chile, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, Poland, Russia, Canada, Thailand, and Colombia.

All of us at Northside are thankful for the rich cultural diversity at our school and the opportunity to learn from one another every day and on special occasions like this. We are also thankful to have such dedicated staff and families who are willing to share their cultures. As we reflect on this festive celebration, we look forward to adding more cultures next year to our celebration of diversity.

- Submitted by Norja Banks