Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Studio Highlights and Updates - Offered by Ms. Alder Keene, Art Teacher

Navigator Showcase: 

This year the annual Art and Music Navigator Showcase (an evening dedicated to celebrating the arts at Northside) will be held in early spring so that both art and music can be fully represented. We will be having a small art exhibition in conjunction with the opening of the Book Fair on December 7th from 5:30-7:30. This will be an 'Art and Read Night' and will consist of displayed student art, a collaborative art activity for families and multiple read-alouds (and of course the Book Fair)! 

'Spread Love' Northside Mural: 

Beginning this week, navigators are collaborating to create a mural showing their love for the Northside community! The objective is to build an understanding that art can be made by a group of people to express a common feeling or idea. Each student is designing a heart on paper or fabric that will be compiled and mounted on a large piece of foam core and displayed. At our Art and Read Night, families will have an opportunity to add onto the 'Spread Love' mural.

Art on Display at CHPL: 

Check it out! ​​Ten of our second graders have landscape artworks on display at the Chapel Hill Public Library this month. Using warm and cool colors, students captured time of day, temperature and added personal details. Each one is unique to the artist who created it. 

Remember, you can follow all the latest art happenings on the Art Studio's Instagram @nesartstudio