Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017-2018 Boys 2 Men Community

At Northside Elementary School our students have been learning about the importance of a “community.” To bring light to “community” and improving “unity” amongst our future male student leaders and male staff the group “Boys 2 Men”was created. Not only was this group created to teach “community” and “unity” but also how to dress for success.
An important part of Boys 2 Men requires the young men to partake in “Dress Up Wednesday’s,” where they come to school dressed in a white button up shirt, bow tie and khaki/navy pants. This attire requirement will supports the vision to create “community” and “unity” within the group and hopefully spread amongst the Northside community. Under the leadership of Mr. Pedro Wilks & Mr. Barry Garrett two resource teachers here at Northside.
Boys 2 Men has “5 Star Key Points” of success that we are teaching our young men:

      The Importance of Education