Thursday, May 10, 2018

This week's Navigator News is chocked full of lots and lots of information!

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Navigator News Network has completed this week's newscast with a focus on Mother's Day as the Hot Topic by Kendall this week.  Making with Mira finds Mira creating a delicious Mother's Day treat while Eliot introduces us to one of our most popular robots in the Northside library, Dash.

This week also offers our first Special Report on how to make a book trailer using iMovie. This segment is hosted by 3rd graders Ann Hoberg, Fiona Cooney and Tess Reynolds. Their technology skills are strongly evident as you watch their delivery of an instructional presentation a good mix of technology tools platforms like Google Drive, iMovie, Quick Time, and iPad photo editor.

This week's weather promises to be a stormy one according to our weather reporter, Savannah. Make sure to keep those umbrellas and rain jackets handy!

Finally, our librarian, Ms. Cole interviews Godi Godar with Go Conscious Earth, a not-for-profit organization working hard to save rainforest areas of Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa while combating poverty and protecting animals. Donations from supporters have helped save one million acres of rainforest and provided clean water to over 10,000 people. For more information, please visit