Monday, April 28, 2014

Northside School Lunch Heroes

School Lunch Hero day is May 2nd, in recognition of the heroes in our cafeteria two students in the Newspaper club interviewed Ms. Anne, Northside's Cafeteria Manager.

The cafeteria may be a room full of chairs and food but no student really knows what really goes on behind the counter. We interviewed one of our cafeteria specialists, Ms. Anne. Our cafeteria staff so very important to our school  They cook the students breakfasts and lunch every single school day. We want to highlight some of the many great things that Northside’s cafeteria staff do for us at our school.
Irene asked Ms. Anne, “How early do you get to school everyday?“
“I get to school at 5:45 in the morning to begin my responsibilities, ” Ms. Anne replied.“
Wow that’s early! You must really care for Northside’s students.” noted Aida. “Do you get to choose what’s on the menu?”
“No, we have a Dietitian, a person whose job is to give people advice about what to eat in order to be healthy. They pick our school’s menu,” replied Ms. Anne.
Then, Irene asked Ms. Anne, “Who cooks the food?”
“Ms. Gina and Mr. Owen prepare the meals.” she replied.
        The cafeteria is a wonderful place where students aren’t just fed, we are also cared for. Northside’s cafeteria specialists try to make sure their food is extraordinarily healthy. We even found out that some of the meat is farm fresh. On top of that, all of the delicious food is made from scratch. The whole cafeteria staff does a really good job because the students at Northside  enjoys and loves their cooking everyday.

Thank you Northside’s cafeteria staff for everything you do to make our school experience special!

Check out this article by Irene and Aida in the April Edition of the Compass (Northside's Student Newspaper).

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