Monday, June 2, 2014

Navigators on the Move Produces School Rap

Navigators on the Move is a group or third, fourth, and fifth grade students that meets regularly after school and works on many different projects together involving music and rhythm. The group is led by teacher assistant, Mr. McIlwaine.

One of this group's most recent projects was producing a school rap video that included members of the group and Northside staff. Check it out below!

Northside Rap
By Jeremy McIlwaine

We’re thinking, learning, growing with persistence and pride.
Northside, Northside!
We’re representing at Northside, Northside.
Thinking and growing with purpose at all times.
We’re representing to Northside, Northside.

Verse 1
I’m a Northside Navigator
Flying high in the sky.
Thinking, learning, growing with persistence and pride.
New school, new hall.
Walk in the rooms, lights come on.
Teachers using microphones,
It’s learning time. We’re in the zone.
When I walk in Northside, yes, yes, I know it’s on.

Verse 2
Shhhhhhhhh… level zero in the hallways.
Lunch time, yum yum.
Recess time, it’s all fun.
PE, music, and art, yes this school is all good.
Teachers teach to do our best.
They give the skills, we do the rest.
Every Friday I smile as I pass my test.

Verse 3
We’re buidling future off our past.
Navigators on a mission.
When we’re sitting in the class,
We show respect and we listen.
Stop, walk, and talk...
There’s no bully at our school.
i-Pad, Mimio, bamboo gym floors.

Verse 4
Wait, hold up. It’s getting hot up in the kitchen.
This school be recycling.
We have a rooftop garden.
We have turn on the playground.

Verse 5
Learning Center in the back.
Six thousand books on the racks.
Principal’s got our back.
EOG, we’ll be passing that.
It is the first year. Give us some time.
We’re still learning…
But when you look in to the rear view mirror you see us coming.