Sunday, June 1, 2014

Study E.O.G.s

This year, Northside Elementary School is having their first official End-Of-Grade tests, or E.O.G.s. The test is for 3rd 4th  and 5th graders who have been working exceptionally hard througout the year. The examination is conducted over a 3 day period - Tuesday June 3rd through Thursday June 5th. The subjects consist of math and reading and for 5th grade Science. Students will be allowed at least 3 hours for each test. When interviewed about the science EOG, Irene a fifth grader said “I feel scared because we might have to take the Science EOG on the ipads. It’s true the new curriculum will require each student to take the Science EOG on the ipads. While this will make it easier  for the kids to take the test because they no longer have to bubble their answers on a piece of paper, technical difficulties may be inevitable. We can only hope for the best on this one. This test will one of the first of many at NES and we as 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will set the example for future students.  During the test we will see if the hard work has paid off. Hope you remembered to !
This article was written by Greta and is published in the May edition of the Northside student newspaper The Compass.
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Illustration by Emily